Thursday, 3 November 2016

Call for abstracts for Satellite Conference 2017

We cordially welcome the Sapce researchers and experts in the field of Satellite and Space Missions to show their research at the prestigious conference on Satellite and Space Missions (Satellite 2017).

Please submit your proposal for oral/poster/special session/workshop/symposium. Each proposal will be companion assessed by our board. Here are the following meeting highlights,
·         Space Missions
·         Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS
·         Space exploration
·         Earthquake Engineering
·         Aerospace Engineering and Technology
·         Climate change and Weather forecasting
·         Satellite Navigation and Communication
·         Satellite Dish
·         Asteroid Impact Mission (AIM)
·         Satellite Radiance
·         Space Weather
·         Materials Science in Space
·         Orbital Mechanics

Note: We accept proposal which are not listed in the conference highlights (ought to be connected the meeting subject)

So probably you will have numerous inquiries

Mail me to know more about the abstract submission 

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